OpenCNAM still works; email them to sign up

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There have been some questions on the forum about whether OpenCNAM is still available since its acquisition by Neustar. The answer is “yes” and it still works great. I had a call with them yesterday and mentioned that I knew of some folks on this forum who might want to sign up. The registration page is no longer up but you can request a new account by writing to the support address, support @

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They really are cool folks. I had a feeling this would be the case.

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Can’t speak for neustar, but the original opencnam org granted me $10 of credit for doing some dev work on Superfecta, of which only a tiny amount was used. The remaining balance just sits there after more than a decade waiting for me to start using it again.

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I would double check that. We just recently got a email from them saying they are shutting down OpenCNAM end of this month and we have to migrate to Neustar CNAM API solution and storage solution.

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I spoke with Kaiden Foster, Customer Success Lead. I don’t know why we got different stories. If your company is using them for your SIP trunking platform, maybe they want to move you to a more carrier-grade product at Neustar. That’s all I can speculate.

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Not sure. The email just said that migration to Neustar CNAM APIs had to be completed by Aug 6th. So I guess we will see if tomorrow other people complain if it stops working. Maybe it was just for higher volume customers.

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I have not this email yet. But the accounts I monitor are all low volume. That said, I expect to receive a similar email at some point.

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