Clearing CDR Report

please how best can i clear my cdr and cel to free up space

Are you trying to delete all the call recordings or the log files themselves? The log files don’t take much room since they are just text.

The easiest way to delete the recordings would be to log into the PBS with something like WinFTP and navigate to the /var/spool/asterisk/monitor directory and delete the old recordings. You’ll find them already sorted by year so you can delete a year at a time if you wish.

If you are required to store these recordings for compliance purposes you can copy them to another drive or NAS.

I already did this, but even after deleting data from the folder, my hard drive is still full.

Have your read this thread?

An SQL DELETE doesn’t, normally, free disk space, although it might stop it from growing.

It can also end up with table locks on several tables that may freeze the database until it completes, which could take some time, because of referential integrity checks (I don’t know what locking and foreign key constraints are relevant to FreePBX, so don’t know how significant these issues are).

@bbutler discussed this in detail by one of the Open Source Lounges. I will share some of the details he provided.

MySQL bug:

Forums discussion: InnoDB file ibdata1 growing too large

More reference: database - How to shrink/purge ibdata1 file in MySQL - Stack Overflow

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