Cisco spa508g End Point Manager issues

I purchased EPM for $149 today. Set it up according to the Wiki, set my profile rule in the spa508G to:


also tried


also tried with http:// in the front

Set the transport in the provisioning tab in the spa 508 to http

Set the template to http

Set the mac address, extension mapping, etc…

The auto provision never takes place

Working from memory (I only use EPM once every few years):


As always, be sure to double check - I’m old and my memory isn’t as good as it used to be.

I cant use 82 because my provisioning port is 84

I added the C to the end of MA but no success yet

Here is a screenshot of the spa508g provisioning tab

I of course have real fqdn in place of fqdn_here

I also tried it without the http in the profile rule field and with and without the :84

Here is the global setting screen

Never touched cisco phones. This works for me on Grandstream, Yealink, Sangoma & Fanvil.

why would you need to add the /$SpaMAC.xml?

I did get it to work for Yealink

Cisco phones do not accept the

They want another string of syntax on there. That is probably where my issue is

Would you try configuring your template for tftp?
t$SpaMAC.xml or t$SpaMAC.xml

Thank you for the assistance

i tried both and neither worked

  • I did remember to go to the template and change to tftp
  • I did remember to go in the phone prov tab and change transport to tftp

No luck either way with our without the 69.

Perhaps your IP is already banned?..

I truly appreciate the ideas.

I checked for banned IP - no ban here

Good idea though, I didn’t think of that

Wonder if I can get my money back - Ciscos were 90% of the reason I was buying EPM in the first place

Trust me - if this customer was willing to buy all new Yealinks or Sangomas I would be thrilled, as those I am not having issues with

Since you are using an fqdn this is sure passing a firewall, are ports 84 & 69 open on your firewall?

Yes I’m assuming they’re open with no issues because my yealink and sangoma on the same lan are not having the same issues

I’m hosting the PBX on and have not had any issues with provisioning the yealink or sangomas

The Yealinks and Sangoma were using port 84, is port 69 open for tftp?

What is a good way to test 69

Why do you need to test? If you restricted access to that hosted PBX, just open port 69 in vultr settings and if you use the PBX firewall make sure it’s allowed there as well.

Port 69 is open. I still have the feeling the problem is in the profile rule field. Not sure from here

Try provisioning a Yealink phone tftp (if they allow you to, Polycom sure works with tftp) see the tftp logs if it’s requesting a file.

Vultr profile should look like this i believe.

Of course is a made up IP

I stayed up late working on this. Just got back on it

New scenario:

  1. It is now provisioning using this profile rule:


However, there are 3 new issues

  • It does not provision instantly when you choose save, build and update phones - It takes its time. Could be 10 minutes could 30 minutes - No pattern here

  • After it does update the phone says “Checking DNS” for about 20 minutes before it reboots 100%

  • The username password to the phones http gui is unknown. I am assuming admin. In the global settings it is set to 222222 and that doesn’t work. I tried the ext password even though I knew that couldn’t be right. So once I provision the phone, wait 30 minutes for the update, wait another 30 for checking DNS, I can’t access the phone manually because it chose some other password.

Still working on a SPA 508G

So I went into the basefile for the spa508g in EPM and set dnserver NO. That stopped the 20 minute wait time of checking DNS

Password issue: I set my admin password in global settings to 222222. I can use that password directly on the phone but it does not work on the http gui.