Cisco SPA504G subscribing for event x-broadworks-callpark

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(Jared Busch) #1

New customer I picked up has almost all Cisco SPA504G phones and they are causing this to spew in the log.

res_pjsip_pubsub.c:787 subscription_get_handler_from_rdata: No registered subscribe handler for event x-broadworks-callpark from 248

The Cisco phones are all the same model and firmware.

60 seconds on Google showed me nothing helpful. I’ll look more carefully later, but figured I would toss it out here until I have time to look into it tomorrow.

Only thing I saw quickly was the phones say this. Would that be the cause?

(Andrew) #2

Yeah, in your config you need to have:

<Server_Type group="Attendant_Console/General">Asterisk</Server_Type>

(Jared Busch) #3

original user didn’t use config files. It was done by hand. :sob:

I’ll be fixing that as well.

I changed one manually, and yup, it stopped. Changed it back and it started again…


(Andrew) #4

Managing all that without config files :face_vomiting:

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