Cisco SPA112 Endpoint not staying registered

I have a Cisco SPA112 and it just will not stay registered.
I can register it, call it, make calls from it, but a day later the endpoint just dies and won’t re-register without resetting it.
I think it’s a problem with the adapter but I thought I may as well ask.
Do I need to change a setting to keep something permanently registered for land lines on the PBX or is it just my old SPA112?

What do you mean by “reset”? Can you power it off for a few minutes and an have it come back to life when you plug it back in? If not (you must factory reset and set it up again), it’s probably a hardware issue, most likely with the power module. If you have another power adapter rated 5V, 2A or more with a compatible plug, try that.

Otherwise, assuming that the SPA is behind a NAT and not on the same LAN as the PBX, it’s likely that a brief network outage or disturbance results in a ‘poisoned’ NAT association and the aggressive retries keep it alive. Try these settings changes:

NAT Keep Alive Enable: no
Reg Retry Intvl: 720
Reg Retry Long Intvl: 1200
Register Expires: 120

And in the PBX, Qualify Frequency: 60 (for a pjsip extension), qualify=yes (for a chan_sip extension).

If you still have trouble, you can set SIP Debug Option to full and set up syslog to log to a local or remote machine. Also set up pjsip logger or sip debug on the PBX. Then you should be able to view the first failing SIP request or response, to see in detail what went wrong. Post router/firewall make/model on both ends of the link.

If the ATA is on the same LAN as the PBX, this is most likely a hardware failure.

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I have to factory reset it and then it works again. It’s on a different network and probably the power like you said. I’ll try everything you wrote and post the results. Thanks :slight_smile:

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