Cisco SPA112 Cheat Sheet?

Does anyone have a setup list or “cheat sheet” for setting up Cisco SPA112 for voice calling? I’ve just connected my first one and was surprised at how manually the web-based config makes everything. Until now we had been using Polycom phones and they are a snap to add.

We ARE using the commercial endpoint manager but CANNOT set Option 66 in our DHCP scope. I am assuming if I can manually set the provisioning server on the SPA112 then we would be all set (since the extension is already configured in FreePBX).

Thanks, in advance.

Wow. Talk about overcomplicating something!

The SPA112’s “Quick Setup” is… well… quick. Simply enter the IP of FreePBX, the extension, and the SIP passphrase… done.

Love this device so far. =)