Cisco SPA 112 two phones registering?

I have an Cisco SPA 112 I was playing with - I used to use on an old version FreePBX. I’ve got one FXS to register with PJSIP (5060) and want to register the second port, I tried use SIP on port 5061 to no avail - I turned off fail2ban.

PBX Version:
PBX Distro:12.7.8-2306-1.sng7
Asterisk Version:18.16.0

I think you are confusing the local ports of the device; iirc these devices assign the local port as 5060 for the first line and 5061 for the second – the registration port for the PBX should only be the port assigned to the channel driver - the SPA device itself is the one changing its local sip port

you wouldn’t register to an alternate port unless you are trying to use two channel drivers and are trying go register one port as PJsip and the other as chan_sip

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I think I must have been confused, came back to it and setup it again and it worked first go - thanks for prompting me to rethink !. Sometimes it’s better to walk away and come back to it with fresh eyes !

PJSIP and Chan_SIP behave quite differently to what I expected.

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