Cisco 79XX Ingore/Reject buttons

Does anyone else not get an option to ignore or reject a call to a 79XX. The only softkey I see when a user dials in is “Answer”. Shouldn’t there be an option to ignore and/or reject the call?

Not that it probably matters in this case but I’m running the latest freepbx and the latest asterisk 1.2 version.

I cannot seem to find any way to modify the softkey appearances using the SIP image.

I’m looking at replacing our current commercial VoIP system with asterisk but I can only get my Polycom phones to reject and ignore calls. The MGCP image for the cisco phones running on our current system (not callmanager) come up wtih reject and ignore buttons.

Any ideas?

Upto the most recent version of the cisco SIP firmware there is no ignore or drop softkey. I suppose the rational was that in a business environment you typically don’t tend to drop / ignore calls perhaps?

A manager does! :slight_smile: It seems feasible to me that if you are meeting with someone in your office you would want a button to send the call to voicemail rather than let the call keep ringing. If you call a Polycom SIP phone and hit reject then it comes up with the asterisk “busy” voicemail greeting immediately. Ignore will make it stop ringing on your end, but not the caller and it uses the normal voicemail greeting.

These phones seem to be the most popular phone choice for asterisk, especially for managers, so it surprises me this has never been discussed in all the forums and asterisk help sites i’ve searched through, especially when even some of the cheapest SIP phones have this capability.

Years ago when I ran Cisco Callmanager for another company these same Cisco phones had this capability, but call manager also allowed you to customize the softkeys. Cisco is a strange company though, with all the advanced things their phones can do, they also seem to lack some of the basics. Perhaps in hopes you’ll abandon your open source PBX for their $$$$ one.

How did you come to that conclusion?

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Asterisk and addons-1.4.3 solves the issue at least in my case.

Thanks Percykwong, I’ll see what I can do and upgrade our test platform to 1.4. There seems to be quite a few notes about getting it work with freepbx.

I apologize p_lindheimer, I should have stated “in my experience” prior to the statement from me that you quoted. Managers like flashy colorful phones. There is also tons of community support for these phones. Thanks for your help. Anyways, my customer will probably be using Polycom 330s as the “everymans” phone and Cisco phones for receptionists and managers.

Thanks again for your help guys, I don’t usually post questions, but I spent days pouring through documents and trying things. If it was a MGCP image on the Cisco phone (I deployed MGCP phones for another voip platform 2 years ago) it requests a “deck” xml file that allows you to almost completely re-write the interface of the phone including the softkeys, which is pretty cool. However the SIP image never requests the file from the TFTP server.

Someone out there had to be seeing the Ignore/Reject buttons, so i figured it was just something wrong with what I was doing.

I will let you know if this fixes it.

no need to apologize, it was a simple question. From what I observe it does not appear that Cisco phones are the most popular choice for Asterisk but there may be markets and niches where they are. Sounds like in the area you are exposed to that may be the case.

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I also live in San Jose currently, so the market here is probably biased :slight_smile:

so what are the most common SIP phones attatched to asterisk pbx do we think?