Cisco 7960/7940 Files help needed

hi, I am new to all this PBX stuff. I need some help in getting some SIP files for my Cisco phones, i believe that the ones I need are 3-8-12-00, my 7960 phones current ver is 8.1(SR.2), and my 7940 phone ver is8.1(SR.2).
If anyone has the required files can you please email them to me? or at least tell me where I can download them from?
I have tried to download them for Cisco but they are no longer available, and you have to have a cisco account to download.

Welcome to the first of many, many problems with getting the 79x0 series phones to work with Asterisk. You won’t believe what happens when you actually get it working with the easily crackable 8 character passwords.

Before you move much further ahead on this, I suggest you check out chan-sccp-b on Github. It speaks to the phones natively, and now that phantomvi has updated the SCCP Manager to work with newer versions of FreePBX, it is almost as easy to use a ECP.

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