Cisco 7940 shows red power indicator on Endpoint Device List

I am a very new user of FreePBX and cannot find the problem. I am adding a new phone. I duplicated all the entries of other users for the 7940 and it seems to boot up fine and gets its config from FreePBX. The Endpoint Device List shows a red (instead of green) indicator to the left of the checkbox. What does this mean. All the other phones are green. The phone get a dial tone but will not call out…it just does nothing. The phone’s display shows ints extension and all the info correctly like all the other phones. COuld this be a SIP firmware version problem? Any other ideas?


The Cisco SCCP native phones are all a pain and quirky when using SIP. We had the same thing along with other problems and now we tell clients we don’t support them because they are too much of a headache.

I have no choice in selecting phones. We have thirty-five 7940/60 phones working. Just looking for some help. What does the red indicator mean?


It’s probably too late now, but using the phones in native SCCP mode using Chan-SCCP-B is always a choice. I wrote a Wiki for them on how to integrate them into FreePBX. The only challenging part is installing the channel driver - the rest is editing config files and set up the extensions.

The problem you are seeing in EPM should have a “hover-over” note that should tell you what the problem is.

I second using SCCP on asterisk. I wouldn’t put it on a major call server but if that client has their own server then it works nice. The phones act normal too.

Nothing appears when I hover over the red indicator.