Cisco 6851 MPP Compatibility

I don’t think so, but can I get the Cisco 6851 with Multiplatform firmware to work with FreePBX?

Try Cisco 6851 3PCC (Third Party Call Control)

Let me know if you need the whole spaMAC.xml file. We’re still using the MPP phones. We buy endpoint manager partly because it makes provisioning easier but also to support FreePBX. I just wish they’d add new phones to it, but got a less then helpful reply from Sangoma when I asked. It’s a graveyard of old phones.

I’m not a fan of Cisco as a company, but it helps the uptake of open source PBX when a phone gets dropped on people’s desk with a recognizable name on it. We have over 3000 extensions at our company. Almost all are Cisco phones. Cisco doesn’t treat their customers well, though and (like Microsoft) runs licensing compliance audits against them in an apparent effort to drive their customers to other companies.

Sangoma has offered to send us a free sample of their new series of phones, but we have an XML extension directory that we built in-house that we need to be able to have work with whatever model of phones we use. So far that’s only been Cisco and Yealink phones, but we didn’t like the build quality of the Yealink phones. To be fair, that was a few years ago, so Yealink probably has newer models of phones now.

Am I able to do this without endpoint manager? This is a very small deployment of 5 or less phones and I don’t plan to buy any more Cisco, after jumping through hoops just to get it to work.

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