Cisco 6851 3PCC (Third Party Call Control)

I was able to get a Cisco 6851 3PCC phone set up, and I thought I would share what I did in case anybody else is interested.

Start from an unedited Cisco basefile in Endpoint Manager. For reference, I used Endpoint Manager You want to edit the basefile for the SPA504 model of phone, because it will set up the phone with the right number of lines. There are no entries in Endpoint Manager for any of the 3PCC phones, and I was told that no new Cisco phones would be added to it. That means that when you provision a 6851 3PCC phone, you will choose the SPA504 model in the provisioner.

I’m not sure if you’ll be able to cut and paste what’s below directly into Endpoint Manager. I had to backslash in front of the double underscore variable names. You’ll also need to download the firmware referenced in the Upgrade_Rule line below if you want to do the firmware upgrade. I was able to download it with my Cisco account, YMMV.

<Call_Pickup_Code ua=“na”>**#</Call_Pickup_Code>


<Call_Pickup_Code ua=“na”>**</Call_Pickup_Code>


<Attendant_Console_Call_Pickup_Code ua=“na”>**#</Attendant_Console_Call_Pickup_Code>


<Attendant_Console_Call_Pickup_Code ua=“na”>**</Attendant_Console_Call_Pickup_Code>






<Upgrade_Rule ua=“na”>_firmware_</Upgrade_Rule>


<Upgrade_Rule ua=“na”>tftp://_destination_/sip68xx.11-2-3MSR1-1.loads</Upgrade_Rule>


<Idle_Key_List ua=“na”>em_login;acd_login;acd_logout;astate;avail;unavail;redial;dir;cfwd;dnd;lcr;pickup;gpickup;unpark;em_logout;</Idle_Key_List>


<Idle_Key_List ua=“na”>em_login;acd_login;acd_logout;astate;avail;unavail;redial;dir;cfwd;dnd;</Idle_Key_List>


<Resync_Periodic ua=“na”>86400</Resync_Periodic>


<Resync_Periodic ua=“na”></Resync_Periodic>


<User_Password ua=“rw”>_userPass_</User_Password>


<User_Password ua=“rw”></User_Password>

Delete these entries. These can be removed from the basefile rather than just clearing the entry in the option. These settings don’t exist on the 6851.

<Admin_Passwd ua=“rw”>222222</Admin_Passwd>
<BMP_Picture_Download_URL ua=“na”></BMP_Picture_Download_URL>
<Select_Background_Picture ua=“na”>BMP Picture</Select_Background_Picture>

Delete all the speed dial entries to allow users to set speed dials without having them overwritten.

<Speed_Dial_1 ua=“rw”></Speed_Dial_1>
<Speed_Dial_2 ua=“rw”></Speed_Dial_2>
<Speed_Dial_3 ua=“rw”></Speed_Dial_3>
<Speed_Dial_4 ua=“rw”></Speed_Dial_4>
<Speed_Dial_5 ua=“rw”></Speed_Dial_5>
<Speed_Dial_6 ua=“rw”></Speed_Dial_6>
<Speed_Dial_7 ua=“rw”></Speed_Dial_7>
<Speed_Dial_8 ua=“rw”></Speed_Dial_8>
<Speed_Dial_9 ua=“rw”></Speed_Dial_9>

Add these entries:

<XML_Directory_Service_URL group=“Phone/XML Service”>http://_destination_/phonebook/pbmenu.xml</XML_Directory_Service_URL>
<XML_Directory_Service_Name group=“Phone/XML Service”>Company Directory</XML_Directory_Service_Name>
<Resync_At__HHmm_ ua=“na”>0230</Resync_At__HHmm_>
<Group_Paging_Script ua=“na”></Group_Paging_Script>
<Ehook_Enable ua=“na”>Yes</Ehook_Enable>
<LCD_Contrast ua=“rw”>1</LCD_Contrast>

In addition to the basefile edits above, create a 6851-3PCC.xml file that you will put in the /tftpboot folder. I changed a spa504G.cfg file to make this. Don’t forget to modify the IP address below to the IP of your PBX.

<!–Configuration automatically generated via the EndPoint Module
<!-- The Phone will load up this file first -->
<!-- Don’t put anything else into this file except the two lines below! It will never be referenced again! -->
<!-- Trick the Phone into loading a specific file for JUST that phone -->
<!-- Set the resync to 3 seconds so it reboots automatically, we set this to 86400 seconds in the other file -->

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