Cisco 504G Feature Code as Button?

Is there a way to assign a feature code (in this case *1 to record on demand) to a button, so if a user is on a call they can press the button to start recording the call? I have BLF and speed dial figured out but don’t know what string to use to assign a feature code to a button and have it work during a call.

Short of this, is there a string that would allow it to be assigned to a custom soft key?

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You would need to config one of the phone BLF buttons to play DTMF while in-call. That is something many phones can be configured to do, but I’m not familiar with that device so can’t advise how or even if it supports such a feature.

in the web-gui of the phone you have as “admin”-“advanced”-user under the phone-tab the 4 BLF-keys on the right side of the phone:

configured here. Where in my case the 2-digit number is the number of the extension.
You may try to substitute the 2-digit ext. with a “*1”. No idea weather or not this may work.
But in addition you have something called “programmable softkeys” which are the 4 horizontal bottoms under the display. They change on the status (idle, in call and so on)

Using these keys would be the golden way (I never tried it). Specifically where a *1-key is not defined under the used variables under the “regional”-tab.

In fact, I never had a 504G-manual and ever worked on try-and-error-base with all my cisco-second-hand phones until buying some yealinks which worked out of the box. The problem with cisco is that they are created under their own phone-system which is not freepbx.

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