Choose outgoing id by a button

Having multiple telephone numbers in a single provider sip trunk how can I choose a particular outgoing ID from an extension and eventually doing so with a dedicated button ?

What about pushing a button that goes to a silent DISA (just dialtone) that lets them dial their number with the correct caller ID?

The free way is to define individual dial prefixes in outbound routes for each CID. This is feasible for a small number of CIDs/extensions.

The commercial module, Caller ID Management simplifies the process considerably.

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Another option: If you have a multi-line VoIP phone, set up multiple extensions on it, each with its own caller ID.

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Perhaps my question wasn’t clear (forgive my English…)
A company has two telephone Numbers : AAAAA that points to operator and BBBBB that points to ext 205 .
Forget buttons, how can I decide to present myself to called party as AAAAA or BBBBB calling from the same ext 205 ??

You dial a prefix. Either for both or for just one and the other is the default.

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You mean to use a pair of identical outbound routes except for their “route CID” field and choose each of them by a matching prefix in dial patterns ?

IMO, the preferred method is to assign two extensions to the phone, each on a separate line button and with different Outbound CID. The User presses the desired line button and dials normally.

Next best, set up the system so you can dial e.g. 2125551212 or 12125551212 and it will send AAAAA. If you dial 02125551212 that will match a different Outbound Route, which will remove the 0 from the destination number and send BBBBB as the caller ID.

Or also use a single outbound route with its pattern rules and add the same rules preceded by a prefix with the other caller ID set ?

Your choices have been outlined already. They are:

These are three perfectly viable options and they all work effectively, although I’ve personally come across limitations with the number of outbound routes you can have on a single system but not until you hit 60-70 of them. If you only need two just register another extension on the phone, otherwise get the caller ID module.

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