Change needed in CID verification trunk level


I’m running FreePBX

My trunkprovider (a large well-known telco) requires a outgoing CID that has a star in it. Like “*123456”. This is not a format the freepbx website allows me to enter, it expects only nummeric values.

I need to fix the extensions_additional.conf file after each and every change made in freepbx and reload the system from the commandline. This is not user friendly.

OUT_2 =
OUTCID_2 = *12345

How can I make this verification go away, as it’s clearly something freepbx enforces … but asterisk is happy with my changed file.

Why don’t you just use the custom files to make your modifications. All FreePBX contexts have custom includes. So use the custom file to do what you need to do.

who is this large telco provider that is requiring this? I’ve never come across any provider requiring that, it sounds very non-standard … maybe someone who’s been in the phone business longer then me can enlighten me?

How do you deal with situations like Call Forwarding where the CID of the original caller needs to be passed, that’s not going to have a ‘*’ … do they use Diversion Headers or something like that?