Change Hosname not working

Freepbx Stable-6.12.65 64bit. I was trying to change the hostname under Admin > System Admin > Hostname. The GUI took the new name and saved but it won’t apply to the system. After I save the new hostname from the GUI and rebooted the PBX, the name is still showing “localhost” from the console even the new name is showing the GUI. A bug need to fix?

I just tried this on a 5.211.65-20 Distro. The /etc/sysconfig/network does not get updated with the new hostname. Looks to be a bug.

Has anyone resolved this problem? I have the same issue running FreePBX Stable 6.12.65-24 64bit Distro. I have the SysAdmin Pro module and attempted to use it to set the Hostname. It appears to save fine, as the correct value is populated when visiting the Hostname page of the SysAdmin Pro module. But, the system still shows localhost.localdomain as the hostname.

Specifically, the spam filters for my email server are rejecting attempts to send voicemail notifications and module update notifications.

Any advice would be appreciated.

The file where that config is stored is


You could change it manually and then reboot.

please open a bug report at

No problem. Reported and available here: System Admin Module Does Not Apply Hostname