Change FreePBX GUI password

Hi all. I’m trying to change the password for the GUI admin user, because I want to set a stronger password.

Authentication is set to usermanager. The username is “admin”

The strange thing is that the user is not listed either on Admin->User Management nor Admin->Administrators

I’m sure I’m missing something, so could anyone bring some light to this?

I have read the User Management module manual and the Administrators module manual, but they all talk about creating new users, so I don’t know how to proceed because I don’t want to create a new admin user, I just want to change the password for the current admin user.

I’m using FreePBX Distro 15, with all the modules up-to-date.


I assume you’re aware of the flyout menu on the far right of the Admin -> Administrators module page?

Default user is still in Administrators. Even if you are using usermanager.





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I’m aware of that module, but as I tried to explain, there are currently no users listed there and I don’t want to create a new user, I want to change the password of the already existing user, which is called “admin”, but that user is not listed there.

I don’t have any users listed in Admin->Administrators so I don’t know how to change the password of the user that already exists.

As I tried to explain, the user is not listed in any of the modules, Administrators nor User Management. That is why I can’t find it and change its password.

Thanks @lgaetz Lorne! Not sure where my eyes are, seems they are not working right now, not sure why I couldn’t find the flyout menu.

Solved on post #2 Change FreePBX GUI password

Yes, complain about things instead of even look at the pictures I made?

Especially the one that clearly pointed out the hamgurger menu.

This actually seems to be a recurring theme with FreePBX users. The menu is not new, (showed up in 13 I think, so more than 5 years now) and we still see posts here from users who are either not aware of it at all, or are missing it when looking for settings to change. It came up in a thread about firewall recently, which is particularly surprising since 90% of firewall features are only accessible that way.

I’m open to simple suggestions for improvement here.

Draw attention to it by defaulting with the rnav menu open and auto close after a 500ms or so delay.

Be smart enough not to do so if the referring click came from an rnav.

Provide an advanced setting to keep existing behavior.

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@lgaetz I have found myself at times lost to find a setting I knew existed only to realize it was on the slide out menu. For some reason they just don’t stand out…

Yeah, at least a bigger sized menu or alternate color.

But truthfully, once you know the flyout exists, you check for it more often.

I find that menu useful when it refers to items that show on a list that was previously shown, like extensions for example, when you click on an extension, the complete list can be seen on that menu without the need to go back to the previous page. But when the list of object is only available on said menu, like the Administrators module, that is when it becomes confusing, at least in my personal experience, because the desired info is not visible “in plain sight”.

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