Chan_Sip Peers Endpoints occasionally display as (Unspecified) and calls just go to voicemail

I’ve been having this problem occasionally for years and now it seems to be much more common and starting to drive me bananas.

We are running FreePBX and Asterisk 11.20.0 and all our endpoints are YeahLink T42G and T46’s.

Occasionally I get a call from a user stating their phone works, but when someone (internally) calls them it goes directly in to their voicemail. They do not have DND on.

Sometimes the problem just goes away after I restart their phone. Sometimes the problem does NOT go away. After restarting it usually works fine for a short time but then back to the problem.
In some cases I restated the phone system and it seems to clear up the bugs. But, now in a few recent cases in order to fix the issue, I have to delete the user’s extension and recreate it!

When this problem occurs, I can log in to Asterisk Info and select to see the Peers. An extension I am having a problem with will display as “Unspecified” instead of reporting the IP Address, etc.

I’ve googled this issue and have come up with limited results. It seems other people have had this same issue but I’m still looking as to why it is happening and what can be done to resolve it.

We’re just a simple setup. We’re not going through VPN or anything. The endpoint’s use the same DHCP server and subnet of our internal lan. No fancy setup.

Any idea? Thanks in advance!

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