Chan_SIP is now Deprecated

Just going to leave this here in case you haven’t seen it.

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Just so people don’t just read the title and freak out, an important take away:

It has reached the point where chan_pjsip sufficiently serves the vast majority of users, and that the time is right to transition chan_sip to the “deprecated” support status, in favor of chan_pjsip. As of Asterisk 17’s release, there will be at least a 4-year time frame before the potential removal of chan_sip from Asterisk may happen. At that time, it will be up for debate and discussion.

The module is still there, still enabled, still works. Any possibility of actual removal is 4 years away.


Now on to the dialplan :wink:

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With the automatic creation of context and extension in the dialplan[1] for ARI users and the ability to move channels around, that removes a burden from ARI developers while still keeping the dialplan for everyone else.


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