Central Management and monitoring of FreePBX systems

Hey everyone!

Has anyone heard of a solution (whether made by Sangoma or not) to manage multiple FreePBX or PBXact systems?
It would be ideal for notifications, bulk updates, provisioning servers from templates etc…

I have done some research on it and found that Sangoma released their RMS solution a while back, has anyone had experience with this?

I have also run into “M3 Multi Machine Management Server” but it says on their website that support has ended in 2015.

Any current info on planned management systems would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

Has anyone heard any rumors of this being in the works?

This never made it to the stable version.

They should really revive this project. I’m sure others have expressed interest in a central management solution.
If Sangoma doesn’t act fast they will be eclipsed by competitors.

Actually “M3 Multi Machine Management Server” was abandoned because we did not get as many users as we had hoped. Thus it did not make sense to continue investing in it.

I don’t know of any competitors at FreePBX’s level that allows “central management and monitoring” of PBX systems.

Yeastar YMP

That’s a “Cloud-based telephony platform”. It’s not the same as what you are asking. Yeastar YMP is more of a distributed platform

There are several remote monitoring systems, including Nagios (my favorite) especially once you install the Asterisk Monitoring package.

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Not only cloud based, they give customers the option to install in your own datacentre.

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