CentOS / Trixbox


This is my first post, so apologies if it’s in the wrong category/doesn’t follow particular rules.

To cut a long story short, A telephone system was fitted at our company by a phone engineer.

His choice of setup was a custom built server, with trixbox running on CentOS.
The setup was riddled with problems, and we’re still not able to use the system to the full capability of what we require, and I’ve found myself learning more and more about Linux and Trixbox to try and acomplish our requirements.

The engineer has now disappeared off the edge of the planet, and hasn’t even charged us, that was four months ago.

Currently, I’m trying to change all the Sounds to the GB sounds situated under ‘May 2006’ at the following link;


I’ve gotten as far as trying to download the files to the trixbox, and after some googling, i’ve came across curl, and wget to download http files direct to our box.

I can’t work out how to install these packages in the first place though, which is leading me to wonder if there is a possible way to run our system as a GUI instead of command line without disrupting the trixbox, as I’d probably get on a lot better.

Theres a lot more features I’m currently trying to add/to our trixbox such as;

  1. Voicemail to Email
  2. Automatic night mode at 5pm, Manual Day mode.
  3. Real Queueing, with Queue Position broadcasts.

Theres many more minor things that I need to tweak, that our phone engineer was asked to do, however, due to the aforementioned circumstances, it appears I’m doing it myself.

To clarify, I’m wondering if there is a way I can easily, without interupting my trixbox setup, run CentOS as a GUI as opposed to the CLI.


This is FreePBX support, trixbox is an abandoned project that took the FreePBX code, promised to make it better, painted it green then left a whole lot of users stranded. The corporate sponsor basically walked away.

trixbox is so old and riddled with issues that I am always hesitant to help people as it generally creates more problems.

As far as running a GUI, certainly CentOS can run any X Window manager, but what would you gain other than the ability to run the browser and multiple shell windows on the server?

Thanks for your reply.

Up until this post, and heavily reasearching how to fix my problem, I really wasn’t aware of the issues surrounding Trixbox.

I am currently in the process of reinstalling my box with freePBX, I’ve installed it on a test box without any phone conectivity just to ensure I’m familiar, and all is going okay.

I’ve taken your point on board about the X Window, I just thought it’d allow easier access to none technical users, for example, If I downloaded an archive of new sound files, I could use the browser on the particular machine, and simply unarchive direct into the directory by dragging and dropping?

Am I getting the wrong end of the stick? I’m happy to stick with CLI if that’s the best solution.

You are on the right path. Whatever you do, don’t restore the trixbox DB set to a new FreePBX, the DB schema is not the same. If you have a ton of data it is possible to untrix the box and upgrade the FreePBX to 2.9 just for the purpose of data conversion.

I assume you installed the FreePBX ISO Distro and not by hand?

With regard to X Window. Just administer from your PC with a web browser. The few tasks that you need to run on the command line use Putty to login to the box. As for copying files take a look at WinSCP.

Thanks for yet another reply.

I’ve print screened every setting from Trixbox, such as IAX details and what not.
I’ll just be referencing this during setup, extension numbers/Mailboxes and all that, I’ll set up with new requirements, new extension numbers etc.

I’ve installed with an ISO, so in all fairness, it’s nothing impressive the fact i’ve installed it - but I’ve gotten it to a stage where it’s all up to date, and when pointed at with my browser, a stage where I feel I could comfortably add the trunk settings and everything else.

Is there any particular settings that may require adjustment with it being a different distro?

I’m really really hoping I’ll add all the old trixbox settings such as outgoing/ingoing routes etc, and it’ll work - somehow I think it’ll not be that easy though!

I’ve got hold of the First steps after installation link, which is handy.
One thing i’ll hope to rectify is saving the default gateway as as during power failure/power off etc it resorts to 0.1 and ends up stopping calls.

I’m pretty sure I can give this a go through the CLI.

I am not sure I understand how settings would revert. The IP address and gateway is set statically during install.

Some things are in different places, the routes for instance use a different entry format. You should take the time to understand what the settings do so you can maintain the system. For example the routes are not magic, just numerical expressions that get matched.

WRT the CLI, what are you using the CLI for? Everything you mentioned is configured via the GUI.

The only things i’ve really used the CLI for is for example, trying to change the US sounds to en_GB sounds as per a link i’d found.

I had to download the sounds using wget, extract them into a customsounds folder and then change the config accordingly.

Really, I’m hoping once set up, to be at the point where I don’t need to edit a thing once I’m up and running.

I’m in a predicament, as due to a known trixbox error, when reinstalling/changing a repository, trixbox has removed half of pre existing system, such as the /maint/ page etc, so literally, I can’t change/do anything.

With our current setup, as stated previously, if the default gateway decides to change, which it’s known for doing on our setup, i’ll struggle to change it back.

I want to be done with Trixbox and move over to FreePBX, however, I don’t want to tackle it and it not set up, surely once the GUI is up and running, the settings should be fairly easy to copy across, taking into account different entry formats etc.

We can’t really afford any downtime with our phone system, luckily it’s only a 7 user system, so it’s not too major, but I guess I won’t know if it works or not until I actually attempt it, having removed our pre-existing setup, that even though it’s flawed, currently (probably for a very short time period) still works.

I think if you used the AsteriskNOW 1.7.1 ISO and stick with FreePBX 2.8, you would be more than happy.

Wait a while for the “FreePBX disto” to come into shape.
Wait a while for FreePBX 2.9 to come into shape.

There is a LOT of changes between FreePBX 2.8 and 2.9 (IMHO)


That’s what I’ve currently done, admittedly I upgraded it to 2.9 on my testbox, but that was due to curiosity.
My only real concern is I don’t want to be left with phone system that won’t make/receive calls whilst I’m changing everything over.

It’s pretty much at the point where I HAVE to get rid of trixbox and use AsteriskNOW with FreePBX.

I strongly disagree with the comment to use Asterisk Now. Digium does not do a good job of keeping up the distro’s and you won’t get anywhere near the support you have in these rooms. In fact I have no clue who the user is making the comment.

Have you considered using FreePBX support? We could take care of the whole conversion for you and de-risk the job.

Sure click on the support icon above to view the rates. I would budget 2-3 hours.

When you submit the support ticket mention you spoke with Scott in the forums about the conversion.

What cost would be involved with FreePBX support?
What would it involve? Setting the system up via telephone/remote access?

I’d need to present the cost etc to my company directors before proceeding, but it definitely seems a safer option.

Thanks for your help,
I’ve spoken to my directors, and they want me to attempt it myself.

I definitely want to ahead changing the Trixbox to FreePBX.
However, I want to ensure I’ve got every setting correct first.

A long time ago, you were involved in the following post on the trixbox forum;

further down you posted;

"From your server try http://youripaddress/index.php

If that works STOP HERE and let me know that worked and I will tell you how to fix your problem.

If that does not work log into your shell on the trixbox.

Navigate to /var/www/html

enter the command ‘chown asterisk:asterisk .

Hope this works for you.


I’ve had the same problem with my box now, having tried to reinstall the core sounds.

I know this isn’t support for trixbox, but I’m struggling to obtain all the correct settings to move over to freePBX.

If I can fix the above problem, and make my /maint/ work again, I can get freePBX started this weekend, and then if I can’t do it once I’ve started, I can push forward my case for freePBX support.


Not being familiar with Trixbox… so just a rough idea:

Do you have an install CD for the same version you’re running now? If so install it on another box, and copy /var/www/html/ from the fresh install to the other box (of course back everything up).

You can use WinSCP for easily moving directories between systems.

I am not sure that wdroush’s idea may create more issues than it solved.

The instructions I was posting were for someone that deleted a package. I am not sure what your issue is.

You really have not posted much information. Have you looked around the /var/www/html/maint directory to see if any content still existed.

trixbox also had a memcache bug for a long time, have you checked to make sure you don’t have that issue?

Yeah, sorry, disregard what I said, being as he seems completely unsure of whether he somehow got the GUI uninstalled or not (well, wouldn’t be the first time I’ve seen someone do that).

I’m not unsure.
It was fine, I accidentally lost my core sounds whist trying to upload a GB version

I went to reinstall the coresounds from repositories, next thing, GUI disappeared.

Hang in there Paul. I know you’re a bit overwhelmed at the moment.

I’m changing from my Trixbox to PBX as well. It took me almost all day today but I’ve built a new PBX from scratch using the FreePBX Distro ISO. With my Trixbox screen up on one monitor, and my new FreePBX up on the other monitor I have configured the new FreeBPX to work in the same way the Trixbox did. I even copied my voicemail boxes from the old Trixbox to the new FreePBX box so people won’t lose any voicemail or need to re-record their greetings. I’ll go live with the new box after hours tonight.

My point is, it can be done, and you can build the new box while the old one is still working (such as it is).

I’m sure SkyKing could get you up faster but if your boss is saying that’s not an option, you’ll still be OK.

The only problem with that, is I’ve only got one box that’ll handle the calls.
If I format it and reload a new distro, I lose settings.


The sooner I can just get this over to FreePBX the better!

My best suggestion would be to take another system and use it as a temporary system. Hardware is cheap. Take some old computer that’s laying around and build it with that, then once it’s tested build computer1 back with the new tested settings.

You’ve reached the end of my abilities when you’re trying to do a new installation on an old box without deleting the old box first.