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CEL not working, CDR works

(David) #1

Hi, at some point CEL is not showing anything anymore.

Any hint why this could be?

CDR shows calls, but is not as good to navigate through as CEL…

See screenshot attached (there are calls)

The CDR screenshot also show a problem I am not able to figure out: Calls from a US number are not getting out of the trunk.

Both 400 and 500 extensions have follow-me activated to ring out to external cell phones…

Any hint is appreciated!



(Victor Z) #2

I also see the same issue after the last module update. CEL stopped working.

(Andrew Nagy) #3

Versions are helpful

(Andrew Nagy) #4

(Victor Z) #5

Lastest CEL update fixes my issue and logs are now showing up.


(David) #6

How could I get the .11? It is not showing? Do I have a messed module module?

(Itzik) #7

It’s in the edge repo.

fwconsole ma --edge upgrade cel

(David) #8

Thanks, it upgraded, but the page is still empty.
I fear my whole freepbx installation might be messed up.
But going to reinstall everything is a bit of a pain…
Any other idea to “freshen up” my installation?
Could I change the whole installation to beta? Or is it to unstable to use it for a productive environment?
Best regards!

(David) #9

Ok, at least CEL works now after I switched to edge for the all modules.
Will try the call issues we are having!

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