CEL is a database hog with busy queues

On a PBXact system with busy queues, mysql is driving up the system load significantly.

From what I can tell, this is primarily due to CEL records being written.

Long ago, a wise engineer and team lead said:

But it is 2023 and performance with CEL is still suffering. On PBXact 16, what is lost by disabling CEL other than CEL Reports?

So in a high volume system cel to MySQL is a steaming :poop:

Not sure what all will break but the scientific method of FAAFO may be the best bet. Worst case you’re going to break some reporting or statistic data.

Realistically though, in a high volume system that should go through some sort of event queue and then potentially be written over as a single transaction or overtime.

Thanks, glad to know I’m not alone in seeing this. We’ll see whether anything breaks. Looks fine at first glance. And this took the system load average from 15-ish to 3… much healthier.

I disabled it on some systems long ago. It seems like the disable toggle is broken in advanced settings, you have to do it by modifying the conf files.

I agree with James, there was a discussion today on the Asterisk forums about high call volumes and CDR, Josh suggested looking into the CDR batch mode. I enabled it today on one system.



We discussed the idea of providing support for cdr batch mode in fpbx last night on the Open Source Lounge. I’ve opened a ticket here to explore this further

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