Disk or Database Bottleneck

You’ll need to post them some where we can get to them. I’m trying to see if I can get someone that can read these better than me to take a look but we’ll need access to those files.

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Brief: https://privatebin.net/?1e99499390c18451#A6mhwNCDbw5FLtq8JGJiVgePjrY7rqDD4J4pN5iwLt9W

Full: PrivateBin

Locks: PrivateBin

Thread1: PrivateBin

That was it. grep asterisk messages

Still looks like it’s waiting on your database.

Just for fun:

asterisk -rx "cel show status"

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Oh how I wish :slight_smile:

 # asterisk -rx "cel show status"
CEL Logging: Disabled
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Should I try to batch CDR? I cannot imagine this is the issue with only 17 calls/ 32 channels at the high point.

I would first look for misconfiguration or a bug in your Sangomaconnect, of which I have no knowledge or interest in.

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Yeah, and sorry, that’s all I got. It just really has that “CEL is tying up the database” smell so I had to double check.

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I have the module installed, but no licenses for this server. I can uninstall the module.

afs-app-p12 as a systemd service is suspiciously appley, no?

Then do that

Hahaha, that the server name, but no apple relation.

Please explain

  • SangomaConnect uninstalled

And afs-app-p12 stopped?

I don’t know what to do with this (out of my element).

afs-app-p12 shows up in every line in that column in the /var/log/messages file.

afs-app-p12 is the name of the server.
Asterisk Feature Server - Application - Production unit 12

Your logs show you have a systemd afs-app-p12.service that is running, find that file in it is an ExecStart line , also

systemctl status afs-app-p12

Will be helpful, (that is a very strange name for a server, how and where did you concoct it from?)

Edit: Perhaps I misinterpreted your messages file

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# systemctl status afs-app-p12
Unit afs-app-p12.service could not be found.

I have an eccentric boss :slight_smile: that likes what he likes.

Yeah, i led you wrong, sorry

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All good, you’re right far more often and I appreciate the help.