CDR reports to an other server

Hello guys !

I am trying since 3days to export my “CDR reports” or from my SQL server to an other server.

I wan’t from my FreePBX/Asterisk server to send calls informations (with records) each time a call end (and maybe each time a call begin)

I don’t see any good way to do this.
Can someone have an idea how to achieve that?

i’m digging many ways, but didn’t find anything that tell me enough to know how to send this data.

Can we use this, and write a script or something to send data for each call begin/end ??

My main goal is still the same : Send CDR reports infos (records/duration/…) from my asterisk/freepbx server to an other server. (PHP ???, NodeJS ???) any idea?

On this page

You can see how to use multiple backends using multiple stanzas in res_odbc.conf , in FreePBX you can effectively do that by adding another [asteriskcdrdb] to res_odbc_custom.conf which would refer to another connection in /etc/odbc.ini

The remote server can be any odbc compliant system , not restricted to MySQL , itwill need a user with necessary acl’s to make the connection and a destination the correct tables with columns that match the table and aliases . This is all better covered in the link above.

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