CDR & Queue Reports not populating


when i check the CDR Reports they do not show any call traffic through the PBX but we are receiving traffic and calls

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Which version of FreePBX, and did you apply any filters?


Hit PitzKey, im running Current Asterisk Version: 13.32.0

no filters, just looking up based on a date.

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That’s the Asterisk version.
Is your PBX up to date? (If you are on FreePBX13, consider upgrading)

You can update your PBX by running the below:

fwconsole ma upgradeall
fwconsole reload
yum update -y
fwconsole chown


followed the instruction and still not CDR

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Are you using a remote DB for CDR?


we figured out that when we installed asternix cdr reporter it broke all the cdr reporting.

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