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CDR not working after FreePBX 13 to 14 upgrade

(Marbled) #21

Bonjour Jacques!
(Hi Jacques!)

Now things are starting to make sense…

Can you do

yum install asterisk13-odbc

(if you are running Asterisk 13)


yum install asterisk14-odbc

(if you are running Asterisk 14)

and post the results back?

Do you get any error message, warnings about missing depencies, etc…?

If it installs properly, can you retry reloading the module (it might require a reboot but I don’t think so, at least to try to load it).

Good luck and have a nice day!


UCP data stopped after upgrade to FreepBX 14
CDR Reports not working after update
How to Upgrade FreePBX Distro 13 to 14
(Jacques Paquin) #22

(while I have a French name… I alas speak no French other than 4 years in high school that was a long time ago. I would love to be able to spend enough time in Montreal to rectify that situation:)

yum install asterisk13-odbc
Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, versionlock
Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile
Resolving Dependencies
--> Running transaction check
---> Package asterisk13-odbc.x86_64 0:13.17.1-2.sng7 will be installed
--> Finished Dependency Resolution

Dependencies Resolved

 Package                                       Arch                                 Version                                         Repository                              Size
 asterisk13-odbc                               x86_64                               13.17.1-2.sng7                                  sng-pkgs                                62 k

Transaction Summary
Install  1 Package

Total download size: 62 k
Installed size: 208 k
Is this ok [y/d/N]: y
Downloading packages:
asterisk13-odbc-13.17.1-2.sng7.x86_64.rpm                                                                                                                 |  62 kB  00:00:00     
Running transaction check
Running transaction test
Transaction test succeeded
Running transaction
  Installing : asterisk13-odbc-13.17.1-2.sng7.x86_64                                                                                                                         1/1 
  Verifying  : asterisk13-odbc-13.17.1-2.sng7.x86_64                                                                                                                         1/1 

  asterisk13-odbc.x86_64 0:13.17.1-2.sng7                                                                                                                                        

[root@vps1486485000 /]# rpm -q -a | grep odbc

And checking the CDR report now shows that call detailed reporting is now working.


(Marbled) #23

Bonjour Jacques!
(Hi Jacques!)


Both your first and last name is so very much French sounding that I had absolutely no doubt you spoke it…

If you want to be sure you have almost no choice but to speak in French, don’t go to Montréal… :wink:

While there are people who only speak French there (they learned it in school and forgot) it is quite easy to find someone who speaks English…

Yay!!! :smile:

I wonder why it didn’t get installed initially…

I was somewhat expecting to see a conflict or something similar but it got installed without problems…

@waldrondigital, @GameGamer43, installing the appropriate asterisk*-obbc was the fix this time… It somehow never got installed during the upgrade…

De rien!
(You are welcome!)

Have a nice day!


(Tony Lewis) #24

On a upgrade we only yum update so it would seem he did not have odbc installed before hence why a yum update does not pick it up.

(Marbled) #25

Hi Tony!

Unlikely since he would likely have noticed the problem earlier but you are right, it’s one of the possibilities…

@waldrondigital, since you seem to have the same problem could you make a list of all the (asterisk, at least) modules you have before attempting the upgrade again and let us know if you do end up with the same problem @jpaquin had…

I wonder if it is the only package missing or the only one we noticed was missing…

The system I can compare with is itself a result of an in-place upgrade but this is what I have


with Asterisk 13


asterisk14-addons-bluetooth.x86_64 0:14.6.1-2.sng7
asterisk14-addons-core.x86_64 0:14.6.1-2.sng7
asterisk14-addons-mysql.x86_64 0:14.6.1-2.sng7
asterisk14-addons-ooh323.x86_64 0:14.6.1-2.sng7
asterisk14-addons.x86_64 0:14.6.1-2.sng7
asterisk14-core.x86_64 0:14.6.1-2.sng7
asterisk14-curl.x86_64 0:14.6.1-2.sng7
asterisk14-dahdi.x86_64 0:14.6.1-2.sng7
asterisk14-doc.x86_64 0:14.6.1-2.sng7
asterisk14-flite.x86_64 0:
asterisk14-odbc.x86_64 0:14.6.1-2.sng7
asterisk14-ogg.x86_64 0:14.6.1-2.sng7
asterisk14-resample.x86_64 0:14.6.1-2.sng7
asterisk14-voicemail.x86_64 0:14.6.1-2.sng7
asterisk14.x86_64 0:14.6.1-2.sng7

with Asterisk 14.

These are only the modules which have the Asterisk version in them.

@jpaquin, do you have all these packages now?

Have a nice day!



Bear in mind that there are two methodologies to populate the mysql(like :wink: ) asteriskcdrdb database tables, for many years the now deprecated “cdr-mysql” (as per “make menuselect” while building Asterisk) and the newer cleaner “cdr_adaptive_odbc” (also in make menuselet, but lower down :slight_smile: ) , with some irony, if you have them both working then the asteriskcdrdb cdr table will have duplicates, so if you have migrated an older system , the who knows, if for 10 years he used cdr-mysql. but now mariadb or something “deprecated to termination” then he will have to move singularly to the odbc thingy. Basically , either way needs configuring appropriately the connection to asteriskcdrdb, either by direct mysql or through odbc.

(Marbled) #27

Hi dicko!

We are talking of the FreePBX distro though so if it was ever using the older way of accessing the database tables it should have been properly migrated to the current way a while ago…

I am really looking forward to @waldrondigital posting his findings when he attempts upgrading again to see if the package is there to start with and somehow not being properly updated on his box…

Have a nice day!



Actually @waldrondigital never actually stated that he was using “The Distro”, that is surely just your projection :wink:

(Marbled) #29

LOL, in this specific message, you are right…



By the way, you did post in at least one thread where his problems with the distro upgrader were mentioned and he provided input about them so I thought you knew he was having problems with the distro upgrader “script”…


Now it’s not impossible he could have been talking about another system which is not running the FreePBX distro but I have not seen any mention of people having problem with the upgrader module, only about the distro upgrader “script”. I also noticed, from reading past messages of his, that he seems to be normally using the FreePBX distro so it was easy to assume he is talking about a FreePBX distro system…

You are right, I did make a small assumption and I know what happens when you assume… :blush:

Have a nice day!



Then is it just possible that the “Distro” upgrade needs to be fixed so the cdr records still work ?, I don’t personally have that problem, but I also don’t use “The Distro”, everything in cdr land works hunky-dory for me :slight_smile:

(Marbled) #31

Yes, that is what the devs are currently doing, fixing all reported problems with the distro upgrader “script”…

There is, at least, two known problems after the distro upgrade…

  • The existing /etc/odbc.ini is renamed to /etc/odbc.ini.rpmsave but nothing is put in its place. I logged that problem in FREEPBX-15491 the 8th of August. I believe the problem was fixed but there’s probably more than one reason this happens because some people still have this problem…

  • The asterisk*-odbc package is needed but not installed… That’s a new one…

To each is own… :wink:

Have a nice day,


UCP data stopped after upgrade to FreepBX 14

For those that don’t use the “The Distro” , you probably won’t have that problem.


(Marbled) #33

Actually if they do it will be of their own making because it is something they will have setted up incorrectly…

That being said unless the upgrader module does way more than I think it does when it comes to upgrading to FreePBX 14 only the distro upgrader “script” users will possibly have that problem…

(Not everyone has that problem…)

Have a nice day,



I see your post as a series of non-sequitors please clarify what you expect the upgrader module to do, and if you use the Distro , then does upgrading it then break the odbc cdr’s ? . Please one thing at a time.

(Andrew Nagy) #35

@dicko we fully understand what @Marbled is requesting. There is no need for him to re explain it.

(Marbled) #36


I created a ticket for the missing asterisk*-odbc package after running the distro upgrade “script”.

re: FREEPBX-15819

@waldrondigital, if it turns out that when you attempt to upgrade your system again you have that problem and that this ticket has not been resolved could you please upload your logs in it? There must be a clue in them as to why this happened.

Thank you and have a nice day!


(Marbled) #37

@jpaquin, do you still have the post_upgrade log file @GameGamer43 is asking me for here ?

@waldrondigital, same question if you end up with the same problem if you retry this again…

As the problem did not happen on my own system (I mentioned it in the ticket but Bryan must be so busy he must have forgotten) I cannot provide any logs to have this problem fixed…

(I am also hoping he will revisit my original ticket because I found something else which is broken since my upgrade and I don’t think it is specific to my box…)

Thank you and have a nice day!


(Bryan Walters) #38

@Marbled I have looked at recent tickets and all the recent tickets I’ve looked at, look correct with regards to asterisk13-odbc, which is why we would need to see the logs in this particular case.

(Marbled) #39

Hi Bryan!

I know, which is why I am asking at least one of the person who had this problem, @jpaquin

My guess is that @waldrondigital had the same problem but had to reinstall before it could be investigated further…

The reason I think this is this:

which suggests it was his problem as well…

I know @waldrondigital had DAHDI cards in at least some of his tests (and I know there is still a problem with this, this is what is causing my extremely slow boot, see my original ticket) and I believe was using VMs, maybe it plays a part like it did initially…

@jpaquin, do you have DAHDI cards or are you using VMs?

hank you and have a nice day!


(Greg Snover) #40

For what it’s worth - had the same problem on a machine (before I found this thread…) and screwed around with it for about an hour - the quick (and fairly easy) fix I finally found was to do an asterisk-version-switch to Asterisk 14 and then back down to Asterisk 13 - I have done it three times this way and it has fixed it every time.