CDR custom Field

Hi guys,

Anyone can help somehow regarding how to add custom field on the freepBX CDR somehow. anyone can give hint and guide somehow.Thanks a lot, hoping.

Well covered in

You can reasonably add anything you want, Seeing it in your GUI is a different question.


i would like to enable it and somehow display on the FreePBX report section and on Summary report somehow

You will have to patch the FreePBX php code to do that. It is all “open source”, just get “stuck in” and do it :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot ill check on this.

And one more thing when i enable custom CDR going to my Mysql Server

What are the points config i would just touch…?


anything else i need to touch somehow…? Thanks a lot

Just as it says in the link I gave you, I couldn’t be more authoritative :slight_smile: