Can't pick up parked call

Running FreePBX 13.0.6 and the licensed Parking Lot Pro or with that disabled and the default Parking Lot module we are not able to pickup a parked call that comes in from outside the office.

The inbound call comes in, is answered, and transferred into the parking lot. (Either by ##70# or *270)

If the person who does the transfer (the transferer?) does not hang up, someone can dial into 71 and they can talk to the transferer. Then once the transferer hangs up, the new original caller is now connected.

However, if after transferring to the parking lot the transferer hangs up, there is no way* to get the call that is now parked on 71. If someone just dials into 71 it just sits there and does nothing (using eyebeam or using our Grandstream phone).

*If I go into iSymphony and double click on the call it will transfer it to me.

I’ve opened up a ticket with the commercial module support queue since we did pay for PLP. I’ve also continued to update the system hoping that by dumb luck a fix would come in. Still nothing - we are still unable to pick up parked calls.

The resolution to this ticket was to remove the space from the name of my trunks.

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