Cant login on UCP

I have created an extension, made sure it had access to ucp and still cant login… what do i have to do?
i just made a new fresh installation, then to the ucp (my.ip/ucp) type an entension and its ucp password that was auto-generated, and get a wrong password… what I’m doing wrong?

Did you try resetting the password for this user in User Manager and testing again?

If this is a new (and your first?) installation, the fact that the phone gets one password and the UCP user gets a different one is probably not completely obvious. When you create the user in the extension window, you set a one-time password that gets emailed to the person associated with the user. This password is then used to set the “long term” password for the UCP user. Note that the phone’s extension password is different than either of those.

As the UCP admin, you can log into the account and set the password either as a “clear text” password (for you) or you can generate one and send it as another one-time password to the UCP user’s email.

ohh i didnt knew there was a need for email, ive just set up a few emails for the company so we can test stuff around, but what i meant by extension password and ucp password is this

To be pedantic (my favorite way to be), you don’t need an emai address. Without it, there’s no way to notify the UCP user that they have voicemail, or that their UCP password has been changed. So, yeah, it’s a really good idea, but it isn’t required. You can do all of the UCP admin stuff from the UCP admin panel, including setting user passwords, etc.

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I have had the same issue before, Depending on how you created the extension, sometimes they are not set to a group. If you don’t have them set to a group, it will not allow you to login the the UCP even with the correct user and password. groups is selected at the bottom on the Ext setup. hope that helps :grinning:

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