cant Listen to voicemail

I have a client that needs to have access to the voicemail
when i press the voicemail button,i hear record message (the personal extension is on the phone please leave message after tone )

  • when i call 999 i hear the number is not correct

can any one help me please

What is the voicemail button dialing?

when i press voicemail buton in 3cx gui i hear the extension is on the phone

try to call 999 i hear this is not correct number
i cant find my voicemail number in mangment console

my freepbx version is 2.8.1 and elastix-pbx is 2.4.0

maybe, you can check the dtmf

This is a very old system, and unfortunately I have no experience with these.

i found it
by calling *97
thanks for your effort

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