Can't have more than 1 incoming call at same time


I can’t have more than 1 call at same time, when a incoming call is reply and someone call again (with the other call actives) the guy got “blocked”

Example about what i mean:

Customer 1 --> Make a call --> We reply him --> all OK
Customer 2 --> Make a call after Customer 1 (customer 1 is in another call in our offfice too) --> the line closed the connection

i have all incoming calls via ring groups.

  • Try to check if your extension accept the “Call Waiting”. It should be enabled. (Freepbx UI)
  • Check if you’ve got more than one line on your physical extension. (line1 = account1, line 2 = account 1) …etc
  • Check if it works with internal calls. Can determine where the issue come from.
  • Check if the trunk is no limited (call limit = 1) or whatever.
  • Check your config about your ring group. If an extension is busy, what happens?
  1. Call Waiting is enabled
  2. I have only one, when someone call us all phones rings
  3. Works
  4. I have anything “call-limit” command, doing a grep search i got these results: `

[[email protected] asterisk]# grep “call-limit” *
grep: backup: Is a directory
extensions_additional.conf:exten => en,n(hook_1),Playback(beep&im-sorry&your&simul-call-limit-reached&goodbye)
extensions_additional.conf:exten => ja,n(hook_1),Playback(beep&im-sorry&simul-call-limit-reached)
grep: keys: Is a directory
sip.conf.rpmnew:; The “call-limit” configuation option is considered old is replaced
sip.conf.rpmnew:;call-limit=1 ; permit only 1 outgoing call and 1 incoming call at a time

  1. Idk what do u mean exactly so here is a picture of the config:

The ring strategy is ring all

Skip Busy Agent

When enabled, agents who are on an occupied phone will be skipped as if the line were returning busy. This means that Call Waiting or multi-line phones will not be presented with the call and in the various hunt style ring strategies, the next agent will be attempted.

How much extension do you have in the ring group?
This extension is alone in this group ?

If the extension is busy it will be never called, but the next extensions will be solicited.
If the extension is alone ìn this group and busy, the call will be forwarded to Destination if no answer

in your extension UI Outbound Concurrency Limit could be changed too! Default 3.
Check if you have 1

Another way, sometimes ring group is not really enough and in this case use a queue instead of ring group could be a solution.


I have 26 extensions in the group, basically when any extension is busy (in an active call) i don’t get a new call

I have this at Not limit.

Let me try to do a queue

I did the queue and still having the same problem

Skip Busy Agents is setted to ‘Yes’

I have 26 extensions in the group, basically when any extension is busy (in an active call) i don’t get a new call

Ok, so if an extension is busy, then this one will never solicited and the other sould ring (any free extensions).

Then disable it.

Established at ‘No’ and still having same problem

Yea the idea is, if someone is busy call the rest of extensions

Of course, this is the goal :smiley:

usually, Ring group should be configured with some phones (extensions) which have a call waiting enabled or not.

If you need to get more than one call for at time (per extension), you should have more than one line per physical extension.

If one line is confiured, then with a call wayting, you get a bip notify for the second call.
If no call wayting setted,(No) then at the first call the extension will be busy.
Basically a ring group works fine from scratch by default just putting your extension into the list (Ring all).

Anyway, the extensions should ring in same time.
Just try to make a test calling your ring group number (from internal) with two extension.
If all extensions are ringing with two incoming calls from internal, all is right.

Where your missing call were at the second call and what’s the waiting duration before to go to the no answer destination?

Check dial option if it’s by default or not

You mentioned Ring Groups are you able to reach a second Ring Group while your lines are busy?

If so, maybe your provider limited to have one call at a time? or is your Trunk being marked as busy?

Can you place an outgoing call while your lines are busy?


What type of lines do you have coming in? Sip? PRI? Analog?

If analog FXO lines, your provider has to provide the line hunting. No hunting, no multiple incoming calls.


He mentioned using a GSM gateway in the following thread

If this is what he is using here then, as you suggested, this could be what is limiting the number of incoming calls to 1 as I don’t think you can get more than one call on the same SIM at the same time…

Have a nice day!


Instanly the call is ended

In Advanced Settings

Asterisk Dial Options is setted at HhTtr

and CW enabled by default