Can't enable or upgrade modules using fwconsole when status is "Disabled; Pending upgrade"

Since the auto updater is broken in Distro 14 I took the liberty to configure some BASH scripts to run on cron.
Lately these scripts haven’t been upgrading certain modules and are leaving the modules in the “Disabled; Pending upgrade” state.

When its in this state I can’t upgrade or enable the module using fwconsole.
If I try “fwconsole ma enable vega” I get “The following error(s) occured:- Module vega cannot be enabled

If I try “fwconsole ma upgrade vega --autoenable” I get “vega is the same as the online version, unable to upgrade

If I do it through the GUI and select the option to upgrade and enable then it works no problem.

So my question is, how do I replicate what the GUI does through the command line? (because I want to automate upgrades and not have to manually re-enable modules all the time)

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