Can't connect calendar module to exchange calendar

I’m experimenting with the new (to me) calendar module. I’m trying to set it up to connect to a calendar on our exchange server. I’m running Exchange 2010 SP2. Autodiscover doesn’t work. But that doesn’t surprise me because it doesn’t work from smartphones either. If i enter the URL manually, i get a red bar at the top with a curl error. Peer’s Certificate Issuer is not Recognized. (or something to that effect. The message disappears too fast to read the whole thing).
I have a suspicion that it’s because my exchange server uses a self signed cert. And is itself a self signed CA. Is it possible to add the certificate to the FreePBX cert store so it trusts my server’s Self Signed Cert?

BTW: I’m on FreePBX

I have a similar situation, only I’m trying to get User Management to sync with Active Directory and my server has a self signed cert. I can connect insecurely via the PBX, and securely with programs like the Apache Directory Browser.

I used the method located here, but so far haven’t had any luck. It would be nice to be able to use the Certificate Manager to import trusted root authorities. Also worth reading this.

Edit: created the feature request.

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