Cannot login to UCP- Ajax Error

Hi, Im running FPBX standard distro
All modules are completely up to date
UCP version is

Whenever I try to log into UCP I get an error message “There was an error, see console log for details”

The console log shows this (FQDN redacted for security)

Source map error: Error: request failed with status 403
Resource URL: https://..***/ucp/assets/js/compiled/main/jsphpg_b76ec9325a1a5caca04f28721d9cc414.js?load_version=v16.0.38.1
Source Map URL:


Status 403 Forbidden
Version HTTP/1.1
Transferred 762 B (32 B size)
Referrer Policy strict-origin-when-cross-origin
DNS ResolutionSystem

Forbidden: ajaxRequest declined

ready https://../ucp/assets/js/compiled/main/jsphpg_b76ec9325a1a5caca04f28721d9cc414.js?load_version=v16.0.38.1:2682
(Async: setTimeout handler)
ready https://
jQuery 7
ajax https://../ucp/assets/js/compiled/main/jsphpg_b76ec9325a1a5caca04f28721d9cc414.js?load_version=v16.0.38.1:21
b jQuery
normalLogin https://
handleMFAFunc https://../ucp/assets/js/compiled/main/jsphpg_b76ec9325a1a5caca04f28721d9cc414.js?load_version=v16.0.38.1:2691
setupLogin https://
jQuery 2

The PBX sits behind a NAT, and the URL points to the external IP of the system.

If I downgrade the UCP module to 16.0.36 it works perfectly though, so there is something in 16.0.38 which is causing this to happen.

Any ideas??

Can you please check if you see any error in httpd logs (error or access) or “fwconsole debug”.

Please open Github issue to debug this further and you can try to see if 16.0.37 works fine or not for you ?

changelog shows below fixes after 16.0.36 Github issue#19 Improving reset password email template
16.0.38 FREEPBX-24070
16.0.37 FREEPBX-24083 ( ref - User disappears from contact list if they change their user info in UCP)