User disappears from contact list if they change their user info in UCP

When using an Internal Directory in the User Management module, if a user edits their user information in UCP, their entry in the contact list disappears for all users in UCP. If the manager open and saves the user’s entry in the User Management module without making any changes, the user reappears in the contacts list.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. in User Management, create an internal directory
  2. in User Management, create an internal group. Add “All Internal Groups” to “Show in Contact Manager Groups” and “All Pubic Groups” in the “Viewable Contact manager Groups”
  3. In User Management, create a user and add it to the group created in step 2
  4. Log in to UCP as the user created in step 3. Add the Contacts widget.
  5. Note the user is listed in the Contacts widget
  6. in UCP, click User Settings, User Details and change the First Name or Last Name fields. (Other fields may also show this effect)
  7. Refresh the UCP
  8. Note the user has disappeared from the Contacts widget. I have also seen that the user may be listed with only partial information, such as missing all fields except the one updated in step 6.
  9. In User Management, edit the user and click Submit, then Apply Config
  10. Refresh the UCP
  11. Note the user has reappeared in the Contacts widget with the new settings

Version info:
FreePBX Distro 16.0.33
User Control Panel 16.0.33
User Management 16.0.38

Just fyi - Issue has been identified and fix is under review. Please add yourself watchers to know the fix version details on [FREEPBX-24083] User disappears from contact list if they change their user info in UCP - Sangoma Issue Tracker.



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