Cannot call to external ringgroup

Hello all,

I have 2 freepbx boxes, one local and one remote that connect to each other using a siptrunk,

I have a few questions on these…

  1. i need to be able to call ringgroups on the other box, i can only call extensions but not ringgroups

  2. caller id) i am looking for a way, that when am calling the remote box it shows “my box : extensionname” and the other way around
    I have a few dect phones that will only see the CID that is in the outbound route. (Gigaset c470 ip base with sl400 handsets)

If i missed al call it only shows a unkown number instead of the callerid.

Not sure how you configured it. When you call, does it reach the 2nd pbx?

Is your tie-line trunk using the “from-internal” context?

In can call the second bkx, thats not a problem, though i am only able to call extensions,

I have used a iax trunk before and that worked fine with calling ringgroups.

I used sip merely because of the callerid features that (i think) iax doenst support (like seeing from what box the call comes in followed by the extension name)

Not yet, going to try it tomorrow, am using “from-trunk” now

“from-trunk” does not have access to any ‘internal’ contexts for obvious reasons

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