Cancel "Apply Config"

I made some changes, but I am not happy with them. I have not clicked the red “apply Changes” button. Can I cancel the changes?

No. Manually undo what you did.


I’m running FreePBX 16.0.17,Current Asterisk Version:16.20.0. I’m not sure why ‘Apply Config’ showed up, unexpectedly. I don’t know what to manually undo. It would be reasonable to ask for a feature to cancel an ‘Apply Config’. There could be a simple dialog box shown after clicking ‘Apply Config’ that asks: ‘Apply or Cancel’

Submit a feature request. But there are changes you can make in FreePBX that make immediate changes to asterisk, such as voicemail changes. So even before apply config these changes are in effect.

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It’s not normal user interface practice to require confirmation of Apply, as it is already a confirmation of prior input.

Apply Config is what actually applies the changes. Making a change to voicemail.conf doesn’t matter until voicemail reload is issued in Asterisk.

This is all part of what Apply Config does. It doesn’t confirm the changes, it applies them in such the configs are regenerated, Asterisk modules are reloaded and the new dialplan is reloaded into memory so any new calls are using the updated configs.

Once you make a change in the GUI and hit save, those changes are saved. You can’t hit an undo button to cancel them or revert them. You have to restore the settings yourself.

As long as you dont hit “Apply Config” then those changes have no impact on the current running config.

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