Can I install Freepbx without changing apache user?

Hi everyone,
I’ve just installed Asterisk in our company dedicated remote server, now I wish to install Freepbx as GUI.
Two questions:

1 - There’s a way to install freepbx without changing apache user?
Our server is used also for many other pourpouses.

2 - This installation guide is correct?
I think I have to start from point number 5 right?



no help?

can anyone give me an answer please? :frowning:

Well the program is not designed for a open box like that.

Not a good idea for the PBX to be used as multi use box.

Freepbx is not hardened for public inet.
as for the user / path
You would have to re write the program to change path / user

Well asterisk has no problem at all, the only problem is this apache user for pbx

Problem solved, yes is possible and very simple. You just have to put user asterisk in apache group. Everything is working fine this way.

the reason asterisk user is required is because the ARI needs access to the users voicemail files and pre 1.4 the permissions were hardcoded for those with no group or world access. There is a way, when starting up Asterisk, to change those permissions although I don’t recall right now, you will have to check the app_voicemail.c code. (It needs to be set in the environment before starting Asterisk). So the Asterisk startup has to be modified to accommodate this. You will also need to modify freepbx_engine as it sets all ownership to asterisk:asterisk whenever you start. (This has been modified in 2.5 to prepare for non asterisk apache users. The startup for asterisk still needs to be addressed to handle the environment variable.

in the makefile of asterisk right? But 2.5 works well? is stable?

FreePBX 2.5 is currently in Alpha testing but moving quickly to a Beta release…

no its not in the makefile of asterisk, it now uses your umask setting and 2.5 allows you to set that prior to starting asterisk so it is set right, as well as letting you set what your apache user is as well as other users.

well actually all the 2.4 works great but maybe I’ll install 2.5

you umask may already be setting the permissions properly. You should check as it may be that they are being set to broadly with more access then you want.