Camp-on not working com call waiting (disabled)

Good evening,

I’m using FreePBX 12 and the camp-on function only works with call waiting enabled. But I have to use with call waiting disabled.

Does anyone know how to get around this?

Thank you!

No as the user needs to be called for campon to work. Also please note Camp On is not longer support in Asterisk moving forward or FreePBX since Asterisk with PJSIP has no support.

I’m beginning to doubt that PJSIP is an improvement. I’ve had to disable it on every server I’ve installed because if doesn’t support things that are important to me and my customers.

Just a rhetorical ad-hominem attack. Feel free to go back to your question. :slightly_smiling:

What other things are you finding issues with? Also please note that chan_sip will be going away in future versions of Asterisk so the only way to get pjsip working the way we all want is to open bug reports

Problem 1: All of my VOIP providers use host-based authentication. Unless something’s changed in the last two weeks, PJ-SIP still doesn’t support that.

Problem 2: If I enable both PJ-SIP and Chan-SIP, I end up having them fight over the incoming connections, even when I specify the incoming connection point. For example, I have a customer that has an outward facing interface. With PJ-SIP enabled, it insists on talking to the port that I established for Chan-SIP (5065). PJ-SIP will end up throwing enough errors that Fail2Ban eventually shuts down the connection.

Problem 3: Random authentication problems are a problem. Phones will authenticate with it OK, but then fail, then reconnect, repeat. If I do the same process with Chan-SIP, everything is fine.

Honestly - Problem 1 is enough. I tried hanging with PJ-SIP for a while, but now my SIP provider is even telling customers that they won’t support Asterisk servers trying to use PJ-SIP.

I love Asterisk and it’s the cornerstone of every integration effort I do. You guys give me enough flexibility to do the things that let me do a good job for the non-profits I support. I have the capability to integrate it with a lot of other cool stuff (like Chan-SCCP-B, TimeTrex, VTiger, SugarCRM, and soon Chromis POS) so it’s really an enabling technology that makes the people I work with (some of whom are differently-abled) to accomplish a lot of cool things.

I know this is a weird reference, but it was like when the Air Force went from the Secure Telephone Unit (STU) II to the STU-III. People expected the new unit to do everything the old one did, but better. Twasn’t so. PJ-SIP is the STU-III in this scenario. I was expecting PJ-SIP to do “everything that Chan-SIP did”. Twasn’t so.

In the next version no longer we will have this feature? We can not longer use the resource?

Thank you for your help!

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