Calls timeout at 30 minutes

I am having issues where all calls inbound or out will timeout at 30 minutes almost on the button. I’m 99% sure this is not a FreePBX issue, it’s going to wind up somewhere in the firewall I’m sure. I run a UniFi USG, I’ve played with the UDP timeout settings (e.g. increasing UDP Other from 30 seconds to 300), and nothing seems to work. This is also a very time consuming problem to troubleshoot.

If anyone out there has this same setup, please help! I’ve attempted both topics below to no avail.

It may help to see a packet capture of one of these dropped calls, as described here:
For this case, I think filtering for udp and port 5060 should be fine. Just let us know the dialed number, and the extension that placed/received the call so we know we’re looking at the right on in the capture.

If you have local extensions within the same subnet as the pbx, does this problem ever happen? When the problem does happen, are they calls that involve a particular provider, or will it happen with remote extensions as well?

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You should also be able to see the termination cause in the /var/log/asterisk/full log. If it’s an RTP error, it could be a bad NAT setting or something similar. Look around the time in the log when the call ends and see if you can see the reason in the log.

There are lots of things that will do this, including NAT failures to and from the phone or a drop from your provider. That last one, though, will kill all calls, not just the half-hour ones…

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