Calls fail to connect in one direction only across vlan

Setup: Fanvil i31S Security Door Phone (door access control + video + sip phone) on vlan 71 (vlan tagged port for security), FreePBX(pbxact) box on untagged port. Ubiquiti Unifi router doing inter-vlan routing, no firewall rules to block traffic. Door phone registers, and is operable in the typical scenario (call outbound from door phone), no specific tuning on the Fanvil door phone, UDP transport.

Scenario 1: Initiate call from Fanvil door phone, call connect, two way audio available. Perfect

Scenario 2: Initiate call from Sangoma desk phone, call doesn’t connect, Fanvil door phone locks up and reboots

Scenario 3: Move Fanvil door phone to untagged port. Initiate call from Sangoma desk phone, call connects, two way audio, no issues.

I’m assuming I’m missing something obvious on the inter-vlan setup, tips or suggestions?

Since you have two way audio, it sounds like you have the security subnet listed in local networks under settings>Sip Settings.

Are the extensions chan_sip or pjsip?

Are you on the latest firmware for the Fanvil? Do you have support through them? Since the device is locking up and rebooting, I’d start there. I use 2n’s for door entry, not familiar with the Fanvil.

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Doc - it hurts when I do this…

Seems like the answer is built into the question…

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Yup, he has the ACL or firewall rules for his VLAN all messed up.

I’m tempted say you are on the right track, it’s now locking up during incoming calls when on the untagged port.
Ugh, why can’t things just work out of the box? :roll_eyes:

Will attempt to factory reset the door phone, and if all else fails try their support, definitely seems like an issue with the device now.

Downgrading the firmware on the Fanvil phone has corrected the issue, weird that it only popped up after moving it to a separate vlan. Filling out a ticket with them right now.

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