Calls coming in on 2nd line on soft phone


We have several soft phones at our callcenter for our agents. When we have a lot of traffic, sometimes the 2nd line rings. The 2nd line should only be used for transferring calls (attended transfers) because our agent software gets really confused when 2 lines are ringing simultaneously. Is there a general feature to disable incoming calls on more than one line on (soft) phones? Either to restrict incoming calls to only one line, or to disable incoming calls on 2nd line.


Disable call-waiting in the extension setup.

If calls are coming from Ring Groups or Queues, look for the ‘skip busy’ options.

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Thanks for the reply. It´s disabled. Sorry for not writing that in the first place.

Thanks for the reply. The calls are coming in from queues. I have ‘skip busy’ = Yes. Do you reckon that´s correct?

There are other skip busy options for the queue, the tool tip describes how they work.

I had everything set according to your suggestions. I´m going to contact the supplier of the softphone. I´ll update this thread if I resolve the issue. Thank you, guys.

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