CALLERID(name) only retrieves the first part of the caller's name if it includes spaces

We are trying to add the CALLERID(name) in the post-call-recording-script.

We have added ${CALLERID(name)} as an argument to the script when it’s called.

Unfortunately, the ${CALLERID(name)} variable has a limitation: it only retrieves the first part of the caller’s name if it includes spaces. For instance, ‘John Doe’ would be captured as ‘John’.

We are wondering if there are any methods to retrieve the complete caller name?
Many thanks in advance for your hints!

I suspect this is a shell issue rather than an Asterisk/FreePBX one. You will need shell characters to force a space separated string to be treated as a single parameter. They may need to be quoted to get them past Asterisk.

What have you done to protect against the vulnerability mentioned in the documentation:

Found a solution, you have to bypass the UI… :wink:

Thank you for your hints and pointing out the possible vulnerability!

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