CallerID Name not being sent on SIP INVITE

Hi, on the latest distro

I think its probably a facepalm moment and may be I’ve overlooked something real simple…

In Applications>Extensions I have entered the Display Name and Outbound CID.

The mouse-on help text on the Display Name says “The CallerID name for calls from this user will be set to this name. Only enter the name, NOT the number.” Yup, got it.

But on the outgoing calls the SIP INVITE “From:” line is only showing the CID Number, no Name. e.g.

From: sip:[email protected];tag=blah-blah-blah

When I was expecting:

From: “affa” sip:[email protected];tag=blah-blah-blah

Interestingly if I enter “affa” <12345678> in the Outbound CID field in the Applications>Extensions then it works just like the above.

Other Settings:
Outbound Route - Overridding CID is set to NO
Trunk - Hide CallerID is set to NO
Trunk - Outbound CallerID is enpty
Trunk - CID options is set to Allow Any CID
Trunk - pjsip settings all default

So what gives? its the mouse-on help text wrong or have I naffed up some setting somewhere? Do I have to re-enter all the names in the “Name” " format in the Outbound CID for every extension?

Thanks in advance.

The Display Name field is used for internal calls and the Outbound CID name for external calls. If your system has multiple PBXes, the trunks between them should be set as Intracompany to use the Display Name field.

This is intentional and carefully planned behavior. For example, Display Name is set to John Doe but Outbound CID is set to Acme Sales.

If you are in Canada (or another country where the caller’s name is sent with the call), set Outbound CID appropriately. In other countries, you may also want to set it in case your trunking provider bypasses the PSTN on a specific call. Be aware that this generally will have no effect, because the destination carrier will look up the name in an LIDB or similar database, based on the calling number.

If you have a big system to update, use Bulk Handler to export all the extensions, modify the .csv as desired with Excel or whatever, then import the result.

Wow it works just like you said. Magic.

For bonus points - is there an easy way to prepend the CID name for these intracompany calls? would be handy to stick the city/branch name in front of the caller name on the receiving phone…

I believe that you would need to write custom dial plan code, but perhaps another member knows how to do it in the GUI.

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