CallerID in FreePBX not display correct?

Dear all,

I am trying to sync the caller name from other database to VoIP server.

I already success to update the name into asterisk database (tables: users, devices, sip).

the problem is, the calling name doesn’t display like the callerID that I synced. I already tried to reload the VoIP server (fwconsole reload).

when I tried “database show ampuser XXXX” the “/AMPUSER/XXXX/cidname” was not changed to the new callerID.


Where? Some places do not pass caller ID name from the sender, others will only match the number to a national database of registered caller ID numbers.

on the receiver. I already updated the name in national database (asterisk tables: sip, devices, and users), the “database show ampuser XXXX” not show the new caller ID name.

I checked the asterisk log, the callerID name from “AMPUSER/XXXX/cidname”


Be aware that your . .asterisk tables: sip, devices, and users . . . are from mysql/mariadb , the AMPUSER stuff is in the native asterisk sqlite3 astdb database. FreePBX updates the sqlite3 tables to suit when it is convinced that it needs to.

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thank you, Dicko. I will find the way to update to native asterisk sqlite3 astdb database.

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