CallerID groups (inbound)

Is it possible to setup callerid groups. What I mean is groups friends, family, co-workers,staff, etc that can be directed by group rather than callerid only. Then the inbound call could be processed by group.


There’s nothing like what you are describing in the system “right now”, but there are certainly ways to work around your requirement. Lorne @lgaetz published a “white listing” thing in the Unsupported area that might do what you’re looking for.

If the list is relatively static and small, you could do it by writing a special inbound context that could look up a Caller ID Number in the Asterisk Database and flag the number as “friend” or “foe”.

There’s nothing “from the GUI” that will do what you’re asking for, but there are definitely ways to do it.

Many thanks for the reply and ideas. I always just thought it was a good idea and very handy way of handling calls from known numbers.

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