Caller id number

Hi there, I would like to be able to show the phone number when i received a call I tried to use Cid Superfecta or CalledID lookup sources still not working, maybe im not in the right place to configure Any help?
Thanks in advance…

Tell us more:

  • What is your SIP Provider/ITSP?
  • What kind of phones are you using?
  • What version of FreePBX?

This is usually a function of the phone display, but every phone is different.

I use a GXW gateway to connect or convert the analog lines to VOIP. I have a Trunk configuration with a inbound Route.
Current PBX Version:
Phones: Fanvil X3SP

We’ve been fielding a lot of calls from smaller countries (in Europe, specifically) that are having trouble with Caller ID. You need to set up your GXW to receive the CID information on the line. After that, you can use Caller ID Superfecta to get the best CNAME you can.

I have two providers
Axtel and Telmex
I been looking for documentation on how to get the CID on my GWX but not sure how to do it.
Product Model: GXW4104
Any suggestion or parameter that I should look for?

There are a ton of people using Grandstream 4104s on here. Search the forum for 4104 and you’ll get back hundreds of problem requests.

I change the Caller ID Transport Type to 4=Relay via SIP P-Asserted-Identity and im getting the analog phone number not the Caller ID.
But if i change it to 1=Relay via SIP From Im getting unknow
Any sugesstion?

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