Caller id is wrong

When we make a call, the recipient of the call shows the wrong caller ID.
Apparently our number was previously used by a Shell gas station, and it shows “Shell”.
I’ve called the phone company (POTS lines) and they say the caller ID is correct on their end, so I’m assuming it’s in the PBX somewhere.

How can I correct this?

If you are doing outgoing calls from your PBX over POTS lines, then you have ZERO control over the CID presented at the far end. This is a provider (either originating or terminating) issue.

Yes the system doesn’t use SIP at all, just POTS lines.
Maybe the local telco’s need to refresh their list or something? I don’t know how that works.

Don’t take this the wrong way, but call them and ask. I’d start with your telco account rep and have them direct you. You’ll likely end up Tier 2 Tech Support, since this is going to be an unusual request.

I did call them first, but I’ll see if we can work up the chain a little.

they are a small town telco… I’m pretty sure they farm out a lot of their stuff…

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Tell them you need to update your C-Name (CNAM) information for your outgoing calls. Keep escalating until someone can tell you wnat CNAM means… :slight_smile:

FYI. Even if your Telco updates your CNAM, the provider the person you are calling uses might not be up to date, so you may have to contact multiple providers to resolve this.

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