Call Waiting Ring Time

Hello, is it possible to set a different ring time just for the “Call Waiting” dial plan? I looked in the gui but couldn’t find a way to differentiate the default ring time from call waiting.
Now I’m thinking to modify the value in the modules’s script:
but when I looked, the Wait value was at (1) which doesn’t correspond to the default ring time.
$ext->add($id, $c, ‘’, new ext_wait(‘1’)); // $cmd,n,Wait(1)
So my question is, what does this wait time value correspond to in this dialplan? And how can I modify the call waiting dialplan so that when a caller arrives in it they only wait 3 rings before being transferred and not the default ring time of 10?

Thanks in advance

All of those are measured in seconds. Three rings is about 10 seconds.

Also, the Call Forward Ring Time is only useful when your phone is in “Call Forward” mode. Why would you want to leave someone hanging on the line for 10 seconds when you know the extension is busy and the call is going to be forwarded? Seems odd.

I’m talking about “Call Waiting” (CW) not “Call Forward” (CF) and you may find it odd but that is still what the client requested. Their “Default Ring Time” is 45 seconds and they want to keep it as such but they want the ring time to be be shorter for “Call Waiting” ONLY. As in, if they’re already on a call, they want to see the second call but want it to be transferred to another extension after only 10 seconds.

That’s a good feature request. You should create it!

It is an interesting feature request - another way to handle it is to set the initial ring time to 10 seconds and forward the call to a ring group. That way, in addition to getting the call transferred to another person on “Call Waiting” hold, you also handle the case where the person simply isn’t available and the call needs to go to someone else.

Not a bad idea cynjut. Unfortunately, in case they’re not available (unanswered calls) they want the phone to keep ringing for 45 seconds and then go to voicemail. If I didn’t need a different dialplan for unanswered and busy than your method would be the way to go.